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A Refactoring Experiment

Monday, April 9, 2012

obfuscated codeSoon I'll be giving a group of developers some code and asking them to do some refactoring.

The bad news is the code is hard to read. Some might say it's intentionally obfuscated, but let's not assume malice right away.

The good news is there are six working unit tests for the code.

There are two goals to the exercise. One goal is to give developers an opportunity to practice refactoring (a Kata, if you will). The way I'd attack the code is to start with some renaming operations, then extract some methods, then perhaps break down the one big class or eliminate a switch statement using patterns. There is no perfect answer.

The larger goal is to convince anyone not entirely sold on the benefit of automated tests how tests can empower them to work with, experiment with, and change existing code - even code they don't completely understand. Although this code was intentionally obfuscated, it's not unlike walking into the code for a complex domain the first time and not understanding why a wurgled customer can blargsmack on Tuesdays if they hold a vorkenhosen status. All domains are nonsense at the start.

If you want to try it too, the code is on github.