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Client Side JavaScript from an ASP.Net application

Monday, March 15, 2004

Web applications have always made extensive use of Client-side scripting to generate dynamic, interactive, user friendly web pageshas been in use since a long time now and provides an excellent solution for interactive web pages. ASP.Net has come with a plethora of new Server side controls, and post back features to help development time. But this comes at a price, mulitple calls to the server are expensive and there are occaisions to which client side scripting is better suited. ASP.Net doesnt always make invoking client script easy. Listed below are a few articles which show you how to invoke javascript from ASP.Net.

 Using JavaScript Along with ASP.NET

Client Side Scripting Using Asp.Net

Add Client-Side Script Code

Using Client-side Script to Focus Controls in ASP.NET

ASP.NET Custom Controls - Client-Side Script Generation

Embedding Java Scripts in ASP.NET

This is a useful article - it covers a few methods for generating a javascript alert to confirm delete from a .Net datagrid

Are you sure you want to delete that?