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Monday, February 8, 2010

Here are some events I’ll be speaking at over the next couple months:


Toronto / Mississauga March 8-12. DevTeach stands for Developers Teaching. It’s a conference done by developers for developers. This annual event offers the elements of an international conference and the elements of a community event. Sessions include both presentation material and, whenever possible, hands-on training. We like to describe this event as the Developers Festival. Find out who should attend at this link. Check out the top ten ways to convince your boss to let you go this event. DevTeach is about becoming one of the best developer by getting training from the best in the industry.

Scandinavian Developer Conference

Göteborg, Sweden March 16-17. Whether you are someone learning development in Java, .NET or IBM i or you are an experienced user of these technologies for 10 years or more, there are lot of great information to be shared with everyone.

In addition to technical sessions, we will also have tracks with presentations about the Development Process and Methodology: Agile Methodology, Test Driven Development, System Engineering, Architecture, Project Management, Best practices, "Agile in the Organization". We will also have tracks about hot topics like Cloud Computing, Testing, Web Development and Mobile Solutions. At the Conference there will also be a track of Emerging Technologies presented in cooperation with ThoughtWorks ( www.thoughtworks.com )

DevDays 2010

DevDays is being held at World Forum in Den Haag March 30-31. DevDays 2010: the biggest Microsoft event in the Netherlands for software development and software architecture. Every year, thousands of professionals visit DevDays to get completely up-to-date with all recent developments in their area of expertise in two days.


Las Vegas April 12-14 2010. Developers from around the world will gather at the world famous Bellagio, for the Microsoft Visual Studio Conference & Expo, ASP.NET & Silverlight Conference & Expo and SQL Server Conference & Expo. You can be a part of this exciting event while you enjoy one of the most stunning hotels on the Las Vegas Strip at a great conference rate!