Tuesday, March 15, 2005

There seems to be a surge in ‘recruitment’ lately, but I use the term loosely.

I’ve been receiving emails from strangers like the following:

Subject: I have a C# developer position

Are you interested? If so, give me a call.

Is recruiting just so easy thee days that they don’t even have to try? Isn’t this like writing:

Subject: I have a sex organ

Are you interested? If so, give me a call.

I’d think it would be obvious that a few more minor details, like compensation, location, and type of work, are needed for someone to judge their interest in a sexual organ, but maybe I’m just conservative that way.

Garibaldi Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Adwait Ullal Tuesday, March 15, 2005
<br>I had blogged about it a some time ago:
<br>- Adwait
Bill Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Scott, I used this trick a lot with them. Them &quot;Hi, I have a really exciting opportunity in C#, are you interested&quot; Me &quot;Yes, and since I really hate my current position I'll start tomorrow, I'll even take a pay cut, just get me $130k and I'm there&quot;. Them &quot;Uhh, that's a little out of their budget&quot;. Me &quot;Ok, not a problem, 110K&quot;. Well, that's still out of their budget. Now here's the fun part &quot;What are they looking for, some kind of knuckle dragging ape right out of high school&quot; Them &quot;Uh, well I deal with a lot of placements in this line of work and your expectations are exceptionally high&quot;. Me &quot;High, are you kidding me? Maybe for Bangalore but not here. We just hired some kid with 2 years experience and we barely got him for 95k, who are you kidding?&quot; Them &quot;Um, I'm not kidding you at all.&quot; I've gotten this far 3 times in my life and it was all I could do do keep from busting up the whole time.
<br>Recruiters are the professional equivalent of the variant data type.
James Tuesday, March 29, 2005
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